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About Me

I lead a small but amazing team of developers and designers to make big ideas for the web at Four Kitchens, a design and development firm in Austin, Texas. When I’m not in a meeting I’m working with Drupal and node.js

On the rare occasion when I’m not working I seam to split my time between an very changing and frighteningly diverse array of hobbies. I ride my bike to work most days, and am never shy about taking my bike appart. I play with LEDs and microcontrols, I play with Legos I play board games. I’ve built furniture, sets for movies and more than a few art cars.

I love my wife. My dogs, Chloe and Tesla, and my famlie(s). I love the internet, I love freedom and I love BBQ.

When I grow up I’ll spend my days helping keep the internet free and exploring outer space.

Nicola Tesla, Harper Reed and Dries Buytaert inspire me.

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